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Who Holds the Power in Media − Content or Distribution?

On Friday night, Chris Dixon (@cdixon), Jonathan Glick (@jonathanglick), Peter Kafka (@pkafka), Todd Sawicki (@sawickipedia) and I had a conversation on Twitter about media concentration and where the power lies these days. It was inspired by an Erin Griffith (@eringriffith) post called “Spotify’s Best Chance at Beating the Digital Streaming “Suicide Pact” Is With Ads.” Chris […]


Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

To build the online media giants of tomorrow, companies need models where the costs of both content and distribution are near zero. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and countless others employ this model. These models allow scale to emerge at very low-cost. And in these particular examples, the scale achieved is astronomical — on the order […]

Fighting Disruptive Business Models Through Legislation

While there are countless examples of emerging technologies disrupting incumbent industries, there are very few examples of new industries beating the old through legislation. Generally, Washington influence and power is amassed over many years as nascent companies and industries grow. Few industries have the power and influence of the copyright industry. Coincidentally, very few industries […]

IPO Market Failure: More People Must Benefit from Tech’s Wealth Creation

This post will sound terribly self-serving: a VC calling for more IPOs. But hear me out. The massive contraction of IPOs in the tech markets has not just hurt VCs, it has deprived citizens from participating in the largest wealth creation opportunities currently available to us. We know wealth creation in this country is largely […]