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My Congressional Testimony on Internet Music Licensing

Nov 28

I was invited to testify in front of the IP/Competition/Internet Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on the state of internet music licensing. I presented the following testimony today: Testimony of David B. Pakman Partner Venrock U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet Hearing on “Music […]

Dollar Shave Club − The Power of Asymmetric Marketing

Dollar-Shave-Club expand
Nov 01

Today we announced our investment in Dollar Shave Club, a consumer subscription service focused on men’s grooming. I am honored to be joining the board of the company Michael Dubin has so successfully introduced to the world. eCommerce companies can be challenging for venture investors. They tend to require lots of capital and usually have […]

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Who Holds the Power in Media − Content or Distribution?

Television production concept. TV movie panels expand
Oct 06
Television production concept. TV movie panels

On Friday night, Chris Dixon (@cdixon), Jonathan Glick (@jonathanglick), Peter Kafka (@pkafka), Todd Sawicki (@sawickipedia) and I had a conversation on Twitter about media concentration and where the power lies these days. It was inspired by an Erin Griffith (@eringriffith) post called “Spotify’s Best Chance at Beating the Digital Streaming “Suicide Pact” Is With Ads.” Chris […]

Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

Sep 26

To build the online media giants of tomorrow, companies need models where the costs of both content and distribution are near zero. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and countless others employ this model. These models allow scale to emerge at very low-cost. And in these particular examples, the scale achieved is astronomical — on the order […]

How to Hackathon

Jun 15

A traditional and effective way to launch software platform companies is to recruit early developers and host hackathons. Singly, the social data platform company did just that on June 3rd in San Francisco. Singly offered a grand prize of $10,000 to whomever created the most creative and interesting app based on the Singly API. The […]

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The Pressure on TV Networks, Ari Emmanuel and Cable Companies

Jun 06

Lots of recent discussion on TV and Hollywood. Ari Emmanuel accuses Google (again) of aiding and abetting pirates. Henry Blodget writes a nice piece on the changing TV viewing habits of consumers. Dan Frommer says those changing habits won’t really affect the MSOs and Networks anytime soon. And Jeremie Allaire seems to claim that Apple’s […]

Why Should eBooks Cost $15?

Apr 16

Last week’s announcement by the Justice Department that they are suing Apple and several of the world’s biggest book publishers for conspiring to keep eBook prices high generated plenty of media coverage. One challenge in wading through this coverage is that most of it tends to be written by…journalists. And some journalists are also authors. […]

Continuously Updated Awesomeness − The Spotify Play Button

Apr 11

I was completely psyched by Spotify’s announcement of their new play button to embed legal, licensed music into web pages. The web has needed this for far too long, and this is the missing step to enable Spotify to become the universal music platform on the web, allowing us to share songs with each other […]

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Network Effects Are Magical

Apr 09

The following is a guest post by my partner Brian Ascher in our Palo Alto office. He blogs at VC Waves where this originally appeared. This set of thinking drives many of our investment decisions. If you are not one of these models, you should be. Network Effects are magical.  They are the pixie dust […]

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How to Negotiate Valuation With a VC

Mar 28

This post originally appear on NASDAQ on Tumblr. So, you have received a term sheet from a VC to fund your financing round. But you aren’t comfortable with the valuation. So, how do you negotiate? Here are a few pointers: 1) The first is to understand the VC firm’s philosophy on price and term sheets. […]

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