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Wither the Giants? The Arrogance of Aging Incumbents

Jan 25

My friend and former colleague Greg Scholl sent me an article this week and a provocative quote jumped out of it. Here is the view of Irwin Gotlieb, CEO of one the largest global advertising agencies on the planet, as he shared his view on this year’s CES. Given last week’s SOPA/PIPA debate, I thought Mr. Gotlieb’s […]

As Big Media Goes Digital, Markets Shrink

Jan 16

Lots of debate, lately, about Big Media and their bumpy transitions from analog incumbents to digital providers. Over the past few weeks we have had debates around the proposed PIPA and SOPA legislation, Rupert Murdoch (that bastion of new media savvy) railing against Google as a “pirate” and @fredwilson chiming in on the predictable monopoly […]

Got Klout?

klout-logo-full-color expand
Jan 04

Marissa and I are pleased to discuss our latest investment (and our first one as a team). We are excited to join with fellow firms Kleiner Perkins and IVP in investing in the internet’s standard for measuring influence, Klout. As the internet moves from pages to people, Joe Fernandez‘s vision of the need for “Pagerank […]

“Great” is Tough to Pick out of the “Good” Crowd

Dec 02

The following is a guest post by my partner, Bryan Roberts. (@brobertsvc) He is one of those legendary VCs who, at about my same age, has invested in many of the most spectacular healthcare companies created over the past decade. He has been the highest-ranking healthcare investor on the Forbes Midas List since 2008. He is […]

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Fighting Disruptive Business Models Through Legislation

Nov 16

While there are countless examples of emerging technologies disrupting incumbent industries, there are very few examples of new industries beating the old through legislation. Generally, Washington influence and power is amassed over many years as nascent companies and industries grow. Few industries have the power and influence of the copyright industry. Coincidentally, very few industries […]

The Abundance of Scale

Nov 14

During last ten years of the web, people have focused on scale as proof of value creation. Given that advertising is the dominant business model of the web, it has been presumed that sites which reach web-wide scale are valuable. The presumption was that sites with enormous scale will be able to monetize themselves at […]

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Oct 27

I woke up this morning with a pleasant, warm feeling in my gut about how thankful I am for all the people around me in my life. In particular, I was thinking about the smart, inspiring people with whom I am lucky enough to interact most days. So much of who I am and what […]

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Is Social Data The Next Investing Frontier?

Oct 19

Much of the excitement around internet startups over the last five years has been around social services. From Facebook to Foursquare, from Twitter to Instagram, from Yammer to Zynga, significant investment dollars and entrepreneurial effort has gone towards capitalizing on the fact that we are all linked together by connected devices. These connections present great […]

The Magic of Minecraft

Sep 01

On the Saturday night before Father’s Day, I called my three kids together and asked them if they’d like to earn an extra five dollars. My wife and I were having a dinner party at our home that evening, and if they agreed to take baths/showers themselves, put on their jammies, brush teeth and settle […]

1.4 Billion People Cannot Read Your Website

Jul 27

It’s just a fact. Eighty per cent of internet users don’t speak English. In the US, we see that usually about half of most sites’ traffic is from outside the US. The competitiveness of the tech startup scene has never been greater, so the risks you take launching an English/US-only product is pretty great that, […]

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